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Architectural Graphics and Building Signs

exterior Maryland building sign letters on brick wallArchitectural signs can be a direct reflection on your business. An architectural sign could be a sign located along the walkway, an engraved or cast sign, a building entrance plaque outside the office, or the lobby sign behind the receptionist.

These signs are considered to be part of the building or grounds, and should be well lit for visibility after dark. They help visitors find their way and identify your business, and are often the first impression a client has of your company.

Interior / Lobby Signs

interior lobby sign in baltimore office buildingLobby signs or interior signs come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to reflect the image of the company. These signs can be made from many different materials including stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, acrylics, PVC or sign foam. Other materials such as wood, vinyl, fabric and other basic sign materials can be added for special effects.

Lobby signs can be mounted directly to the wall of the office, and may be set off from the wall with "stand offs" for a more three dimensional look. An alternative 3-D interior sign installation calls for mounting the letters to a panel of acrylic or other material, which is then mounted to the wall with stand offs.

To emphasize your name or logo, a lobby sign can be internally lit using LED lights, or it can be lit using spot lights or indirect lighting. When making use of lighting features, we can employ the use of timers so you never need to worry about turning on or off the lights and still conserve energy.

Exterior Building Signs

outdoor Maryland building sign for finding your wayArchitectural signs also include exterior signs that are used to emphasize your business. When choosing exterior signs, the outside environment and lighting both need to be considered. You would not want to use aluminum dimensional letters on your building that is located at the beach, as sign corrosion may be an issue. However, certain stainless steels and titanium would be great choices, as well as some plastics that are available.

exterior building sign for Art and Frame GalleryBlue Water Signs can help you determine the best interior lobby signage or exterior building sign configuration for your location, making certain that your facility and business always appear professional and well maintained.

Blue Water Signs has installed lobby signs and exterior office building signs throughout Baltimore and northeast Maryland. Contact us today to see how we can make your building look its best.