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Backlit Signage and Light Boxes

backlit signageWhen you look at a retail space, there are often two main choices for lighted signs above the store front: channel letters and light boxes. There are other options, but these two options represent about 80% of what you will see today. The cost of the light box is often less than that of channel letters unless there are only a few letters to make.

Lighted Signs for Harford County Maryland Businesses

Light boxes have come a long way in the past few years because of the advancements in translucent materials and LED light sources. Translucent vinyls show color with the light off. When the light is on at night, these colors maintain their color. These types of vinyls have been around for a long time but the big changes have come from the improvements in printed translucent vinyls.

Printers today can improve the quality of the print by many techniques used to print the surface. Recently, there have been changes that allow both sides of the sign face to be printed and maintain exact registration to assure deep rich color on the sign face when the sign turns on at night. Light box faces can be easily removed, which allows for changes to bring new attention to your sign and business. There is no reason to let a sign face grow old and boring when with a little work it can be rejuvenated.

lighted signMaryland Backlit and Sidelit Light Boxes

Backlit and sidelit light boxes have become much more available with the recent improvements in LED technology. Backlit picture frames used for advertising come in many sizes and can as thin as one inch. With new printers, the ability to print high quality prints on new translucent materials can create new options for retail displays as well as options for restaurants and the general public.

Please see some samples of backlit signage and light boxes below, and contact us today to inquire about a backlit sign or light box for your Harford County or Baltimore, Maryland business.


We provide light boxes, lighted signs, illuminated signs, and other types of backlit signage for businesses in Harford County, Baltimore County, Cecil County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Carroll County, Baltimore City, and throughout Maryland.