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Channel Letters and Signs

Channel Letters for Kaye Edwards SalonIf you've ever driven past a strip mall at night, then you're probably familiar with the effectiveness of channel letter signs. One of the most common ways to sign your business, our channel letter signs can be created to fit any budget and idea.

Types of Channel Letters 

Three common types of channel letters are standard, reverse and open. The standard channel letters have colored plexiglas over neon in an aluminum or steel frame. Our aluminum construction is preferred, although it is slightly more expensive, because it never rusts and is lightweight for easier installation.

Reverse channel letters are often called Halo-lit signs as the lighting comes from behind letters that have a metal front, clear back and are mounted away from the surface of the building. By day, the signage can easily be seen and by night, the signage comes to life.

The open channel letters aren't really open at all. These signs are manufactured much like the standard channel letter signs but utilize clear plexiglas to expose the raw materials of the sign.  

Neon or LED?

Advances in LED technology have made it an ideal solution for many types of building signage.  While it is true that LED lighting offers many benefits over neon, the type of light required for most channel letter signage to look its best is still found in neon lighting.  If moving to LED is a priority for you, call us so we can talk with you about your particular situation/location, and discuss the pros and cons of LED lighting.  Either way, BWS has the products and installation expertise to make sure you get the lighting effect you desire for your channel letters.  

Please contact us for more information on our channel letter installations, and to find out if channel letters are the best option for your store front.