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Commercial Awnings

Custom commercial awnings are perhaps one of the best ways to advertise your company or product. A good awning not only improves the architectural appeal of your facility's look; it also has great curb appeal, and provides shade. Additionally, a commercial awning is usually the most cost effective way to get a large amount of advertising up with a limited budget. In other words, you get more bang for your buck with a well designed, attractive commercial awning.

Factors to Consider when Designing a Commercial Awning

To design a truly effective commercial awning, several factors should be considered:

  • the amount of daily sun to which your commercial awning will be exposed (determines material and inks)
  • the amount and strength of wind to which your awning will be subjected on a regular basis (determines material or both awning and support structure)
  • how much of the interior of your store or facility (if any) needs to be shaded by the awning in order to minimize storefront heat or glare (determines length, height and reach of awning)
  • local signage codes and regulations
  • the building material used on the front of your store or facility, and how to best attach the awning to it without damage

Blue Water Signs also has experience in manufacturing commercial awnings to custom fit any architect's design.  This allows a fluid transition between the awning and the building to which its mounted.

Options for Your Business Awning

An excellent way to upgrade your business awning design is with back-lighting. A back-lit business awning allows for a subtle glow behind your logo or business name, and is most effective when there is a stark contrast between the awning material color and the logo artwork or business name.  Back-lighting on your awning can also bring much needed light to the sidewalk and building entrance. 

For business awnings that have less color contrast, over-lighting can be a good option.  "Cafe-style" lighting with metal arms that reach out from the top of your building and shades that direct the light down onto the top of the awning have become very popular, and offer a more "downtown" or "small town" feel for your storefront.  Both of these options give you 24-hour advertising potential at a fraction of the cost of other types of lighted signs.

In cases where a fabric awning is not practical, a more structured aluminum or carved wood awning may be an option to consider.  While more expensive, these types of business awnings allow for a more textured look, and can withstand the elements of sun and wind better than many fabric or vinyl business awnings.  Over-lighting is recommended for any wood or metal awning structure.  

Please contact Blue Water Signs today to discuss whether a commercial awning is the best choice for your business.