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Custom Dry Erase Boards & Portable Whiteboards

Whiteboards and dry erase boards are useful in lots of situations and environments: classrooms, offices, call centers, board rooms, lunch rooms, hospitals… the list goes on and on. In many of these cases, the whiteboard typically stays put, and a portable or mobile whiteboard is not necessary.

But in those cases where portability is important – such as teachers who float between multiple classrooms, or companies where client meetings move from the company headquarters to the client's facility – a portable whiteboard can help your pre-organized information get from one place to the next without having to worry about computer files, projectors and the like. That's why Blue Water Signs is proud to offer custom whiteboards made to your exact specifications using a removable vinyl that readily accepts dry erase markers, wipes clean when necessary, and can be easily stuck to and removed from just about any smooth, clean surface without damage to the surface or the whiteboard.

Don't be fooled, though. These rollable dry erase boards (or dry erase "sheets") are professionally printed with your company logo and other graphics in the same permanent, eye-catching way as a standard (hard) whiteboard.

A Roll-up, Stick-on Whiteboard Offers the Greatest Portability

When most companies talk about portable whiteboards, they're referring to ones where the hard whiteboard is easily disconnected from its easel or stand. The problem with these is you still need space large enough for the full whiteboard in your travel vehicle. Our vinyl stick-on whiteboards offer the greatest portability, in that they can be rolled up for easy transport. Traveling by air or rail? Need to include your whiteboard in a larger shipment? Using your portable dry erase board as part of a trade show display? Simply purchase a cardboard travel tube, roll up your whiteboard, place it inside, and go!

When you are ready to use your whiteboard, simply unroll it, peel off its re-usable backing sheet, and stick it onto the display surface. When you're done, peel it off the wall surface – it will leave no residue or marks! – and re-stick it to its protective backing sheet. Roll it up, place back in the tube, and you're ready to go!

These are perfect for custom KPI charts (key performance indicators), Gemba tracking and many other applications in manufacturing and distribution facilities. Need a quick way every year to track the status of the company’s annual fund raiser? These will work great on the wall and then can be easily stored until the next fund raiser or project comes along.

Finally, A Custom Whiteboard at a Great Price

And the best part? Price! Because your new customized portable whiteboard is printed on vinyl, you save on both manufacturing costs and shipping costs!

So… whether you are a music teacher who needs a convenient and cost-effective way to write out new music each day and carry it from classroom to classroom, or an office or project manager who wants to save money on a whiteboard, knowing that it can be safely removed at any time with no damage to the wall or the whiteboard "sheet," call us today. We can create your custom, portable dry erase board to your exact specifications – with virtually no limit on size, and have it delivered within days.

Note: Removable vinyl dry erase boards are non-magnetic.

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