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Custom Wood Signs

Carved wood HDU sign for Keller Brown InsuranceThere is no other type of sign that can be used for a small business that can show the character and quality of the company more clearly than a hand crafted, custom carved sign. These signs are designed to last for years and can have such distinguishing touches as raised 3 dimensional letters or objects, as well as gold leaf, copper or other metal gilding that will sparkle in the sun for years.

HDU Signs vs. Custom Carved Wood Signs

To take advantage of modern materials and provide a more durable and lasting sign, in most cases we now manufacture our carved, routed or blasted signs from High Density Urethane (HDU) instead of wood. HDU signs use a dense, closed-cell foam with recycled content that is resistant to rot and insects, and is also fire retardant. It has exceptional paint adherence and is very resistant to blistering and peeling.

HDU is a stable material that can be sculpted or painted, and will accept gilding just like standard custom wood signs, but with better longevity and a longer lasting appearance than wood. Custom wood signs can be be made using redwood or cedar, but these materials are not as stable and the finishes are not as resistant to weather as the HDU signs have shown.

Two-Sided Hand Carved Signs

two-sided carved HDU sign for Sugardust FarmWhen we manufacture two sided hand-carved signs, we sandwich a 3/4" marine grade plywood (MDO) layer between two HDU signs. The signs are bonded and mechanically fastened to the center board to provide a strong stable sign. The center board is used to attach the sign to the posts or apply hangers. Two sided hand carved signs have a final thickness of 2-3/4" and are manufactured to last for many years. Painting is first started with 3 coats of primer to all surfaces. Then the sign is carved or blasted and the exposed areas again have three coats or primer applied. After this your sign has the finish coats applied and any of the gilding is completed.

All of these steps are followed to assure that your sign will last well beyond the life of a digitally printed or cut vinyl sign. Also, the depth and detail of a hand crafted sign will stand above simpler flat panel signs.

When designing your sign we will work with you to develop a beautiful sign that will advertise your business for years to come. The touch of gold leaf on your sign will continue to shine and glisten for years, helping your business' advertising and bottom line.

Please see some samples of custom wood signs and custom carved HDU signs below, and contact us today by calling 410-420-2400 to inquire about a custom carved wood sign for your Harford County or Baltimore, Maryland business.


We provide custom wood signs, custom carved signs, hand carved signs, dimensional signs, carved HDU signs, and other types of hand crafted signs for businesses in Bel Air, Harford County, Baltimore County, Cecil County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Carroll County, Baltimore City, and throughout Maryland.