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Digital Signs

digital signThere is quite the stir these days with the growth of Electronic Message Centers (EMCs), or otherwise known as Digital or LED signs. A number of communities have placed restrictions on these signs being placed in certain locations, but the real bottom line is that they are one of the most effective advertising tools that are available. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), for a small business to enhance their current signage to an EMC they can see an increase in business of up to 150%. In one scenario, the SBA looked at a car dealer's business and looked at a 15% increase, and the LED sign paid for itself in only 10 months.

Quality Harford County Maryland Digital Signs

At Blue Water Signs, we are affiliated with the premiere manufacturer of digital signage, Daktronics. Daktronics has been dedicated to the display industry since 1968. Since 2001, the independent market research firm iSuppli Corp lists Daktronics as the world's leading provider of LED displays. Daktronics LED signs are manufactured in the United States in Brookings, SD. How many times have you driven down the street and seen an EMC that is not functioning correctly? There are a number of off shore manufacturers that can give low prices, but have an issue with service and quality. With Daktronics, they offer a comprehensive set of service options and maintenance agreements to keep customers' display systems operating.

LED signThese signs, also known as Digital Message Displays, come in many different configurations. There are monochromatic signs that are available in red or amber. There are tri-color displays that can be configured for red, amber and green. Lastly, there are full color or RGB (red, green, blue) displays that can provide up to 68 billion eye catching colors. The signs can be as simple as lines of text to signs that can play live video in an auditorium. Check out the EMCs in our photo gallery below to see what these signs can do for your business.

Programming Maryland Digital Signs

What about programming the signs? At Blue Water Signs, we work directly with Daktronics professionals during the install to help the customer with training and installation. The software allows the customer to schedule messages throughout the month or year, so when there is a special occasion or sale, the digital sign will take care of advertising it automatically if it has been scheduled. The software is similar to using Microsoft Power Point and is called Venus 1500v4. When a system is installed, there is on-site training as well as webinars that are designed to help you get up and running.

Some of the top features of the Venus 1500v4 software are:

  • Image and Video Support
  • Font support
  • Spell Check
  • Timeline Editor
  • A number of other features that assure that your sign has optimal impact.

Digital signs can have a very positive impact on your bottom line. Let Blue Water Signs help you install and work with the top LED sign provider in the country. We will work with your specifications and location and we will deal directly with the Daktronics rep to assure the perfect fit. If you want to work with Daktronics or another SignWorld affiliated capital provider, we can assist in setting up leases for the new LED sign.

Please see some samples of digital signs below, and contact us today to inquire about a digital sign for your Harford County or Baltimore, Maryland business.


We provide neon signs, LED signs, electric signs, and other types of digital signs for businesses in Harford County, Baltimore County, Cecil County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Carroll County, Baltimore City, and throughout Maryland.