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Engraved Signs

engraved signEngraved signs have always been a popular item in modern offices. Over time, laser engraved signs have come to signify professionalism in the workplace, and engraved nameplates have become a symbol of prestige among manager and employees.

Advances in laser engraving methods and the wood polymers, plastic and metal materials used for engraved office signs have allowed for a wide variety of colors, engraving depths, bevel types and finishes. They also allow for engraving of logos and other graphics, making the possibilities for your engraved signs endless.

Custom Engraved Signs

Small businesses often ask if we can create custom engraved signs that include logos, modified logos, and original artwork. The answer is yes! Our professional graphic designers are experienced in taking an existing painted or electronic logo or sign, and re-creating it (with or without your specified modifications) into a stellar-looking custom engraved sign. And our sales team is eager to help you with your project, offering insights and guidance when needed.

Click for examples of our custom engraved wood signs .

Engraved Nameplates

An ever-popular item in offices is the engraved nameplate. Engraved desk or wall nameplates are especially useful in larger companies, where there may be employees who are not necessarily familiar with all of the upper management, as well as smaller companies and retail offices where managers see vendors and members of the public in their offices.

Our high quality laser-engraved name plates come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Both wall-mounted name plates and desktop (portable) versions are available. Our most popular type is the metallic (gold, platinum, silver/nickel or bronzed) name plate with engraved black letters. Company logos and other graphics may be added, to create an almost endless array of options. In all cases, the engraved nameplates themselves are changeable, to make it easy when managers change offices or when new managers arrive. Adhesive, magnetic and velcro backings are available.

Contact BWS today to place an order for custom engraved signs or name plates for your business with fast delivery.