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A Green Choice in Dimensional Letters

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Have you ever seen those nice bright and colorful letters and logos that are attached to the front of a company's store or office front? Did you know that Gemini Products offer a green solution for these letters? Gemini started making formed dimensional letters in 1964. The letters are not made as most plastics are by utilizing oil as a component but use a renewable material called Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB). This material is based on fibers from tree and cotton plants which makes it a renewable source of materials. The material is very stable and has UV stabilizers added to the product to assure that they weather well in the sun and maintain their bright professional look throughout their life. Gemini also backs these products with a lifetime warranty and will replace the letters if they do not meet your expectations. Blue Water Signs offers this "green" solution for dimensional signage to our clients through an exclusive arrangement with Gemini Products. For many companies, this is a great, low-cost alternative to lighted channel lettering.

To view the full line of Gemini products click here. You may also watch this video on how the formed letters are manufactured (opens in a new page).

link to Gemini Products website video 

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