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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Digital Signage Today, a leading industry website, developed an infographic to showcase the prevalence of digital signage in everyday life. From health clubs to restaurant signage, grocery stores to movie theaters, if you really think about it, you see digital signage everywhere. Digital Signage Today cites an Arbitron study that shows “70 percent of Americans are exposed to place-based video screens every month, and 52 percent are every week.” The infographic is below, but before peeking, think about a typical day:

7 a.m.: Health club signage shows current events and weather; flat screens inside show club activities
8 a.m.: Coffee shop has a digital signage menu board
9 a.m.: Outdoor office signage shows occupant names; corporate lobby offers digital kiosk with information on business tenants
Noon: Lunch restaurant features specials on a digital signage menu board
5 p.m.: Grocery store has a digital signage specials board and promotions, as well as a digital kiosk for deli counter orders
5:30 p.m.: Gas station pricing reflected on digital signage display
7 p.m.: Movie theater signage has current movie times and ratings; purchase tickets at a digital kiosk

Click to view the infographic.

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