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DIY with DSKs (Do It Yourself With Digital Signage Kiosks)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

While digital signage heats up throughout various marketplaces, digital signage kiosks are also popping up in surprising – yet sensible locations.  The customer do-it-yourself idea is growing, and the prevalence of tablets and mobile devices is changing the consumer’s mindset.  Digital signage kiosks are making airport ticketing and check-in more streamlined, restaurants are experimenting with self-service kiosks, and the health care industry also implemented kiosks widely last year.  According to representatives of the Kiosk Industry Group, tablet devices will become more prevalent in retail kiosks.    They will be used for retail transactions, self-checkout and information stations. 

Good digital signage kiosks at retail can give the customer that needed little “push” to purchase – whether it’s through software that gives more lifestyle-oriented examples or simply providing factual information about product features.  Retailers can also use kiosks to help limit “showrooming”—the practice of visiting a retail store to see a product and get a demonstration, then buying it online.   According to Retail Customer, the National Retail Hardware Association reported that digital signage kiosks can be instrumental in converting “showrooming” into sales at the retail location.  A display that engages the customer and gives them the reason to buy it “right now” is usually successful.

If you’re considering digital signage kiosks for your business or retail showroom, research your marketplace’s success with digital signage to date.  Don’t try to DIY.  Talk to a professional sign manufacturer to generate ideas on how to incorporate a digital signage kiosk into your retail floor plan and get a return on your investment.  A digital signage kiosk can make you an innovator in your field.  

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