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Face Lift for an Old Sign

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Has the post and panel sign in front of your building lost its pop? Give it a face lift using new materials that will not only make the sign look great today but will keep it looking great well into the future with minimal maintenance.

In the past a lot of signs were made using 4" x 4" painted post as the support for the sign. These post required regular painting to assure that the signs maintained its appearance. With the improvements in materials and the cost reduction due to competition the option of using a vinyl post now allows for a long term, low maintenance alternative. These post can be used as a sleeve to go down over the existing 4 x 4 post reducing the need to dig and disturb landscaping around the sign or they can be used as a direct replacement for the wooden posts. These posts maintain their look for many years with only the occasional washing with water and a sponge to maintain the clean look.

This is what was done with the sign pictured below.

Dean Insurance Before

Dean Insurance After Dean Insurance After, with rider and plantings

Panel material is often marine grade plywood that is referred to as MDO. These panels can easily be routed to a new outside shape that will draw attention to the "new sign". The use of a laminated vinyl print finishes up the new sign. There are many other options for the panel that will be discussed in a later article.

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