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From Signage to Shipment – Every Step Counts

Friday, May 09, 2014

poster tubeYou hired a professional sign manufacturer for a reason: to produce a professional sign. You’ve completed the graphic design, the message is clear and concise and the manufacturing flawless. Now it’s time to ship that sign to its destination. Don’t let the shipping fall short or damage your signage. Take the time to ask how it will be shipped – whether it’s to you, to a customer or directly to a job site –you should be the decision maker on the method and the cost.

Don’t cut corners on shipping. It’s the last thing to happen in the process, but it can’t be an afterthought. That afterthought is what will cost you hundreds of dollars more if the sign gets damaged in transit because of poor packaging. In addition, you’ll have the time factor of waiting for another sign to be produced.

Your sign manufacturer should choose the most cost-effective and efficient method of shipping. If that means he’ll deliver it himself, then that’s what he should recommend. This is very doable if the delivery address is local. It also establishes the sign manufacturer as a trusted partner who will go the extra mile. If the sign needs shipped out of town, have a plan in place with your sign company. If the sign is vinyl or cloth and can be safely rolled, it can be shipped in a sturdy cardboard or plastic tube. Fragile items like lights need to have a soft cover around them for protection. Wood crates or plywood sheets lined with a soft material like felt are good bets for signs that can’t be folded or rolled. The wood protects the sign from outside damage and the felt keeps it from rubbing on the inside wood.

Consider how often your signage will be shipped – you might want to invest in special packaging. If it’s for a trade show or a traveling exhibit, it will be shipped often and will need a sturdy case. Wood or heavy-duty plastic make excellent sign cases that not only protect the sign but also make it easy to pack and unpack.

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