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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not all indoor and outdoor advertising materials are created equal. While both may use the same types of materials, some have bigger advantages for their selected venues than others. Grommets are a commonly shared feature of indoor and outdoor banners. They can be especially important outdoors, because grommets can create a stronger banner that can withstand high winds and severe weather.

barn outdoor bannerIf you’re considering outdoor banners, your sign manufacturer will likely recommend mesh, fabric or vinyl. All of these materials are durable and weather-resistant. Mesh and vinyl are easy to clean and maintain. Outdoor banners also require clear, concise copy and large, bright and simple graphics. Your goal is not to get as much information on the banner as possible, it’s to offer a memorable call-to-action to your customer. The banner should be a reflection of your business and its personality, but you should clearly state what you want people to do. Because the banner will be seen while people are driving, biking or passing by, it forces you to be brief. Always have a phone number or website (if it’s easy and/or memorable) on your banner. Make it easy for people to find you.

Indoor banners allow more time for reading, but less continues to be more, in both copy and design. When choosing colors, select more subdued hues that will hold the reader’s attention. Lighter or pastel colors make people feel more relaxed. The materials for indoor banners are also cloth, vinyl and mesh, with cloth being much easier and more prevalent in the indoor environment. The cloth absorbs the light, minimizing shine, and it also is less likely to become dirty indoors. Again, work with your signage professional to determine the best next steps for your indoor/outdoor banners.

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