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Magnetic Signs Attract Attention

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Magnetic signs come in all shapes and sizes. They are yet another portable signage example, and they are great for temporary use. Most commonly used on vehicles, magnetic signs are an ideal way to promote a timely message or event. In addition, many team and sport logos seen on cars in Harford County are magnetic signs. But don’t forget about miniature magnetic signs – calendars and schedules, contact information and quick-reference phone numbers can all be printed on a magnet small enough to hang on refrigerators or file cabinets.  

Magnetic signs can be cost effective, as simple as one color graphics letting people know your name and phone number, or full color digital prints utilized to catch potential customers' attention. Made from a vinyl sheet containing magnetic compounds, the flexible material usually comes on a roll and can be cut to any size. A vinyl layer holds the printing and then is laminated on top. The magnetic thickness varies based on the use – a thicker magnet is used for vehicles because they require more staying power. A thinner magnet is used for promotional items.

When ordering magnetic signs, be sure to ask for samples and inquire about the safety of the magnet on painted metal surfaces. You don’t want your signage to take the paint off a vehicle or refrigerator when removed! But you do want to use magnetic signs to attract attention with a message that will stick! And always remember not to use magnets too close to magnetic computer hard drives, as this can damage the data stored on them.

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