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On The Outside Looking In

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You can attract customers passing by your Harford County storefront windows by using a signage technique that has been used for years on vehicles -- one-way vision window graphics.  These custom-made signs advertise your message by adhering to the window, allowing the customer to see the information while “window shopping,” but not allowing them to see into the store.  One-way vision window graphics overcome the pitfalls of a giant poster board or vinyl banner in the window, addressing challenges like darkness in the store and the inability to see out the window.  

How does it work?  Most one-way vision window graphics are made from a type of perforated vinyl – it has small holes throughout the material.  The graphic can be seen clearly on one side – the outside of the window where potential customers roam.  From inside the store, you can look out the window and see clearly what’s happening outside.  In addition, the material is light-filtering, so that daylight comes in the window.  The vinyl also uses a special adhesive that makes it easy to place and moved around, if necessary.  It’s easy to remove and cost-effective, so the graphics or message can change frequently, keeping customers coming back to see what’s new.  

One-way vision window graphics can also be designed for use on trucks, cars or vans.  This is a great way to create a moving billboard for your advertisement and maintain a safe driving environment.  With the perforated window graphics, people can see your message anywhere the vehicle goes, and you can see outside with no barriers or blind spots.  Ask your Maryland sign company for some examples of one-way vision window graphics.

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