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Promotional Products – Your Portable Billboard

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

promotional product - mug sampleWhen you think of signage, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? While most people would say banners, big screens or channel lettering, they are missing an important signage niche: promotional products. T-shirts, hats, mugs, decals and more are portable forms of signage. These items can effectively communicate a company’s message and become part of its image. Just as your branding should include a uniform look on your stationery, brochures and website, your promotional products should also reflect your brand. These products are mini billboards that will find audiences at Harford County and Baltimore County sporting events, schools, businesses and neighborhoods. They will say, “we care,” to the people who own them and the people who see them.

Take the opportunity to research your options for product quality. The promotional pieces not only offer a friendly view of your company, they also make a statement. They can be fashionable, trendy or conservative, but above all, they should be high quality and durable. The printing quality should also be outstanding. Your promotional products will communicate the company image by their design and quality, as well as their message.   

Blue Water Signs can work with you to set up a “Company Store” for your business that will allow the departments within your company to order promotional items directly on-line. This is extremely convenient for sales departments that have outside sales teams that can order embroidered shirts, hats and other items and have them shipped directly to the sales team member’s homes.

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