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Friday, November 05, 2010

St. John's vinyl signThere are times when a banner is just a little more than a printed piece of vinyl with grommets to hold it up. A customer may have some extreme weather issues that must me addressed or they may also want to use the banner to get their message over at different times of the year.

Weather, especially high winds can play havoc with a banner that is not designed to take the stress. The double sided banner attached is on the corner of a church property that is exposed to the north and west. This banner is of a heavier material and uses a sewn in pole pocket on the top for support. The banner also has mesh sown into the bottom seam that are attached to D-rings that will support the bottom. These are pulled down tight to eliminate flapping and the mesh takes the strain along the bottom edge.

If you notice the red portion of the banner; that is a removable/replaceable material that will allow the customer to use the banner during other times of the year. This addition can be removed and stored and then used again next fall if desired. Another special message can be applied to the banner for other times throughout the year. Banners can be an effective way to get your message across but when designed correctly even in tough locations.

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