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When a Sign is More Than a Sign - Part 1

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Window treatment provides office privacyOften, the choice of a sign can have more of an impact than just showing your name or selling a product. When designed right, it can work to help solve a problem or issue with your office or retail space. 

How comfortable do you feel when you are in the office at night by yourself and people can look in through the window? What about the office window that is on a busy street? In these cases, the use of a window treatment can not only be used to sell your product, but also can be used to make the space more safe and comfortable. "Window Perf" can be used to make a terrific splash on your customers and can reduce the visibility into the office space. Window Perf is a vinyl product that has a series of uniform holes punched into the material. This material allows people in the office to look out, while those outside only see the printed message. Window Perf can also be used on vehicle windows to make use of more surface on your vehicle, but still allow you to see through the window safely. 

Whether an office or a car, put your message where people can see it -- and solve a sometimes troublesome issue at the same time.

Window treatment in vehicle

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