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When a Sign is More Than a Sign - Part 2

Thursday, January 19, 2012
Mostly everyone loves chocolate, but what does chocolate not like? Sunlight and temperatures above 80 degrees! Strong, glaring, and warming sunlight in the front of any store can make it too warm or uncomfortable inside. The strategic positioning of a sign may help solve the the comfort issue -- and keep those store-front chocolates from melting! -- as well as get your name in front of your customers.  

Case in point:  At this Wockenfuss store (see photo), in the winter months, the sun is low enough that sunlight comes through the window very strong late in the afternoon. It melts the chocolate in the cases, and no one wants to buy melted chocolate.

The solution:  position a banner strategically to not only show everyone you are in a new location, but keep the sun off the cases. 

Working with a true sign professional who places a priority on your business success can help you market your business, and sometimes solve problems that may not even seem sign-related. 

Banner sign protects chocolate from melting

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