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Why an Electronic Message Center

Friday, July 08, 2011

electronic message centerWhen considering an Electronic Message Center (EMC), the EMC should be viewed as a continuously available advertising tool for your company. When working with advertising such as print materials, there is a period of time that goes into design, and then the art is put into print and delivered to the customer. Now your message is out there for a week or month until your next ad is set up and printed. When considering an EMC (also referred to as a digital sign, an LED sign, or an LED Business Sign), you control when the public is going to see your message.

Consider the options when your supplier of a large item (like an appliance) changes models or design and you have old stock on the floor that you want to move out quickly so you can have the newest model available for the customer. With an EMC, you go to your computer and open the easy to use software and create an ad that will show up on your sign as soon as you press the key to send the message to the EMC. At that moment, you are advertising that old stock as a closeout special that customers will see immediately.

Another thing to consider is your target audience. Consider a scenario where your store serves younger and older clientele, and students are a large portion of your business, as well as the seniors. Why advertise student specials when the students are in class and won't see your sign? An EMC allows you to advertise to specific customers at different times of the day. When seniors are out and shopping in the morning, use the signs to promote specials that the seniors are going to be looking for. Later in the day when the schools let out, add advertising that would contain specials for students. What about late night specials to get traffic in the door later in the evening? The ability to schedule times greatly boosts the appeal of your sign, as well as reducing the payback of your advertising dollars.

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