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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A recent news story that appeared in a variety of print publications and on websites highlighted a clever Minneapolis man who used billboard signage to get a job. He simply used the words, “Hire Me!” with a phone number and his website. He landed a job and lots of media coverage. Not only did he get the response he needed to his ad, he proved the importance and workability of outdoor signs. He used an electronic billboard, so his message was seen for eight seconds at a time by passersby. It was succinct and purposeful.

Billboard signage is a great way to cost-effectively reach a transient audience in and around Harford County and the Baltimore area. Outdoor banners in general work the same way. You must keep your message short and to the point. Have a call-to-action, and an easy way to follow up. The Minneapolis man’s billboard sign did all three. The message was only two words. It implored people to take action, and the phone number and website were easy for follow up. Billboard signs must be read in less than five to seven seconds.

You should also choose the traffic area that has the eyeballs of your target audience. If you are targeting businesses, for example, the roads leading into Baltimore that are heavily traveled by working commuters is a great space to place a billboard sign. If you are targeting mothers of young children, consider neighborhood billboards or those near schools and daycare facilities. All of the same advertising strategies go into creating billboard signage, but the same money does not. Additionally, the return on investment is greater for outdoor signage. If this were outside, our message would be: Check Out Blue Water Signs.

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