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Magnetic Signs

There are generally two types of magnetic signs. The first is the common car sign that frequently appears on the side and/or back doors of cars and other vehicles. But this category can also include miniature magnetic signage, similar to the ones frequently distributed as promotional magnets for refrigerators and filing cabinets.

Magnetic Car Signs

Instantly turn your vehicle into a mini-billboard with magnetic car signs that are easily applied and removed.  Car magnets come in many different sizes and shapes, and have many uses.  In most cases, they act as advertisements for a company, with the company logo, tagline and contact information.  Some of our customers have used them to promote a family-owned vacation rental property, upcoming events, or to display support for a local sports team or school.  These types of car magnets can be manufactured in full color, or in a single color to reduce cost - and may be cut to nearly any shape.  And for those desiring a flashier look, we can use reflective vinyl - with or without printed highlights.  

A Unique Twist on Traditional "Car Magnets"

Instead of a simple rectangle, some customers elect to have the shape of their logo itself cut from the magnetic vinyl after printing for a more customized sign look.  These can also be designed in full color printed on white vinyl, or as single-color highlights printed on a colored or reflective magnet-backed vinyl.  .   

Miniature Magnetic Signage

Smaller magnetic "signs" made of a thinner magnetic vinyl work great for printing sports team schedules and calendars that will easily stick to (and be removed without damage from) a refrigerator or filing cabinet.  We even produce business card-sized magnets for promotional or internal use.  Contact us for pricing and information.

A Few Notes About Magnetic Signs

  1. The quality and type of magnetic vinyl used for your project is critically important.  Before purchasing, be sure to ask your consultant if the magnetic backing will permanently adhere to the proposed application surface over time- especially in high-heat and cold conditions (for vehicles).

  2. NEVER stick magnets of any kind to a stove or oven door.

  3. While it is true that very strong magnets can erase older, magnetic-based computer hard drives, most computer equipment built since 2002 uses solid state electronic components and special housing that are highly resistant to the magnets used in household magnets and magnetic signs.  (Many tablet computers actually use magnetic covers.)  

Please click on any of the images below to see examples of car magnets and other magnetic signs, and contact us if you'd like to place an order.