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Monument Signs

monument signs Harford countyA distinctive monument sign in front of your business or at the entrance to your neighborhood or property can provide a focus point for your customers and the general public. These signs can be fabricated from natural materials such as stone and brick or from modern age materials. We can create a custom sign for you, or you can choose from one of our many off-the-shelf signs.

At Blue Water Signs, we can work with you on a custom sign that is designed to meet your distinct requirements. We work with a local mason who can build your sign on site in stone or brick. When installing these signs, the ground is prepared to assure that the monument can withstand the rigors of the freezing and thawing of the winter months. Once the ground is prepared, we can design the actual sign face that allows you to create a memorable impression to your customer.

Peachtree Foamcraft Signs

When looking for economical and long lasting monument sign options, we can supply signs from the premier manufacturer of foam monuments. Peachtree Foamcraft is the original and is the only faux monument that we will sell. Peachtree manufactures signs using an exclusive material called Poly-Armor. This material is guaranteed as the toughest in the industry. Once we design your monument and your customized message and have it built, it can be installed in a few hours. In contrast, it could take weeks of working on a site to complete a stone or brick monument.

Some of the benefits of Peachtree Foamcraft monument signs are:

  • Over 50 standard models available
  • Custom designs for any application
  • Meets safety requirements for many near highway applications
  • Fast installation eliminates multiple week installations
  • Can match faces of other structures with the sign
  • Material is extremely tough and has survived many accidents that would have required complete rebuild of stone monuments

Please watch this video to see how the Peachtree material stands up to abuse.

These monuments are backed by the leader in the faux monument market. Their complete testing program assures that their monuments meet the rigors of the environment and other factors.

Please see some samples of our work below, and contact us today to inquire about a monument sign for your Harford County or Baltimore, Maryland business.

ACM monument sign  Branch Funeral Home Monument Sign Fox Chase Monument Sign Independence Townhomes Monument Sign Lexington Park Monument Sign Mission monument sign Market Square monument sign Oakwood Village monument sign