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Menus and Signs for Snowball Stands

snowball stand menus in Harford County, MarylandBlue Water Signs had the opportunity to help a longtime friend improve his menu for his snowball and ice cream stand. Shavers is located in Howard County on Route #32 and does a brisk business. 

Improving on the Basic Snowball Stand Menu

Like many stands, theirs made use of simple white board to list all of the flavors and extras that they sold. How do we improve on the basic? We added color and graphics, printed it on a material that will repel water, and put that material on a substrate that can be mounted easily. The substrate is flexible to a degree that will allow the menu to conform to a less than straight surface.

Notice that the listed flavors are represented in colors that closely match the actual color of the snowballs. This helps your young customers choose their flavors. Also, there are listings such as "Flavor of the Month" that have an area of dry erase vinyl that will allow you to write in this month's flavor. Dry erase can be added to any number of locations if there is a need to update the menu regularly.

We Make Maryland Snowball Stand Signs Affordable

Blue Water Signs can reproduce this sign for your snowball stand as it is, or customize it with your stand's name, flavors, or other special items. The pictured menu is available for just $285.00 plus shipping. The menu as seen is 38" x 40", is protected with a laminate, and mounted to a PVC substrate. Blue Water Signs can provide the snowball segment, the whole sign, or any customized version.

Let us help you stand out this season when you open your snowball stand with a custom made menu or road sign. Contact us with your questions, submit your order, or request an estimate today.



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