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The High Quality Exhibit Display

Here at Blue Water Signs, high quality exhibit displays are one of our specialties. We offer a wide selection of display types, including:

  • pop-up displays
  • modular / portable exhibit displays, and
  • simple banner stand exhibits.

And with full lighting configurations available to enhance your exhibit display, you can be sure that a customized exhibit display from Blue Water Signs will communicate your message effectively and with visual impact, all while building your brand.

Trade Show Displays

Time and money are always critical issues for our clients, which is why we strive to provide trade show displays that can be developed quickly and on a budget. But make no mistake about it – we don't sacrifice quality! Your trade show booth should represent your business in the best light, whether that light is professional, whimsical, technical, creative, or a combination of these. Our marketing specialists will work with you to develop a trade show display that literally illustrates the message you wish to portray.

Making the Most of Your Trade Show Booth Display

A simple backdrop can look nice, but in today's competitive trade show market, an effective trade show display "wows" visitors with a well designed layout, complemented by a sense of depth and appropriate lighting. Interactive features such as TV monitors and moving parts can add to the eye-catching appeal that draws in visitors. Creativity in design and lighting can make all the difference in the world. Let our creative team work with you to develop a trade show booth display with that "wow" factor.

Using the Right Materials for Your Trade Show Display

Anyone who has built a trade show booth display on the trade show floor knows how critical it is for the display and its support materials to be flexible yet strong, in order to make it through several (sometimes dozens of) installations and dismantlings per year. Time is always of the essence in both set-up and tear-down, and workers sometimes sacrifice care in the chaos.

This is precisely why we take care in consulting with you on who will be setting up and tearing down your booth display, and whether or not they will be carefully trained in its use. Then we recommend the type of booth display and materials that we know will work best – and last the longest – under those circumstances. As with any type of display materials, the more care that can be taken during set-up, tear-down and storage, the longer your trade show booth display will last, and look its best.

Contact BWS today to discuss the options and delivery time line for your next trade show booth or exhibit display development project.