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Website Resolutions

Monitors and Resolutions

There are several things to keep in mind in regards to design at Blue Water Signs and monitors and resolutions.  

1. Monitor colors  

When we send a proof, the color that appears on your screen may not be exactly the same color that will print.  We have set up profiles on our monitors and printers to be sure that the colors will match.  However, your computer monitor has not been profiled the same way ours has.  Therefore, the proofs that appear on your computer screen may not be the exact color that we see, or that will appear on the print.  We will work with you to make sure you are pleased with the colors on your sign or graphic.

2.  Pictures from Websites

Images that are on websites typically do not have a high enough resolution to be printed in a large format.  The images will appear grainy on the print if they are not high enough resolution.  The best option is to get the original file.