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Wall Graphics - Wall Spiders - Having Fun with the Walls

Thursday, January 27, 2011

In the recent past, there have been a number of national brands of wall graphics and clings that were advertised with sports stars and other national figures. Wall graphics can be manufactured with any number of new materials that have come onto the market in the last couple of years. Their main purpose is to be placed on the wall and later easily removed without damage to the paint or wall covering, and then later to be used again. At Blue Water Signs, we named these items "Wall Spiders." We are currently using two different materials, but our stand by has been Photo Tex. This material is a fabric based material that uses a very good adhesive system that allows repositioning a very large number of times.

Attached, we show some pictures of wall spiders. The one we had the most fun with was the family whose son had gone away to school, and when the weather got colder, they did not like to see the son's door closed all the time. They knew it would save money to keep the door closed when heating the house. We took pictures with the door open, and then we took the measurements of the door, including the location of the knob, and printed a cover for the door. It was easy to install and now when you walk by, you are not staring at a blank closed door. They really enjoyed the reaction of their son when he returned home from school!

open door wall door covering

Wall graphics are great for around the business for capturing inspirational quotes, temporary signage, logo positioning in conference rooms, or a way to greet that special person with something different than a vinyl banner. Other uses around the company are laptop skins, window signs and other marketing items that can be placed on surfaces without the fear of damaging the surface when they are removed. For families, they are great to show off sport action pictures of the kids or other relatives. Maybe the favorite pet, holiday decorations or just fun!

wall graphics spiders

Longevity of Hand Carved Signs

Friday, January 21, 2011

The longevity of a hand carved sign manufactured with High Density Urethane (HDU) can often be measured in time greater than a decade. When using closed cell urethane in a density greater than 15lbs/sq ft, these signs can look great for many years. The way the HDU holds paint when properly prepared and primed using adequate coats can assure that the custom painted sign will hold up to the elements better than most signs.

When making these signs, we use a minimum of 3 primer coats before the routing or blasting process. Then after the routing/ blasting occurs, we then come back and reprime the machined areas 3 times again along with sanding to assure a smooth base for the finish painting. Add on like carved figures are adhered to the surface after priming with a high grade construction base adhesive. This adhesive allows for sanding and filling if required to nice smooth transition of the added components. The finish coats are then applied and there are a minimum of two coats that are applied.

With all the painstaking details that are covered, it is not unheard of these signs to be in use for more than a decade with only minimal cleaning and care required. Cleaning can be done with mild soap and water to remove tree stains and bird droppings. When these signs are combined with the correct posts or even decorative vinyl posts, there is little to do but enjoy your sign.

Hand Carved Signs

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keller Brown Insurance carved signCarved signs have been around since the beginning of time, but a well designed modern carved sign can say a lot about your business. These signs have progressed with the development of new materials as well as the increased availability of new manufacturing techniques. Along with new machining techniques like CNC routers and milling centers, the long used carving techniques can produce very distinct signs that will make make good use of your company's advertising dollars.

Carved signs can be distinguished by a number of characteristics. They can be distinguished by the addition of raised prismatic letters, routed depth and special cuts, and additional raised objects. One of the most distinguishing attributes is gold leaf. Gilding with gold leaf can make a sign unforgettable when used with dimensional design applications. In the second picture, the horses are gilded just like the letters. Because of the different angles used to produce the letters, they shine in the sun, but the flat surface horses do not show the same shining quality. Gold will not lose its shine like other metals because its most stable state is the metal, not the oxide.

Let us help you design and manufacture a sign that sets you apart from your competition! Learn more about custom wood signs.

Sugardust carved sign

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