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Bring Back the Light!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

As the shortest day of the year approaches, darkness is actually falling before 5:00 in Harford County. Lights are coming on earlier in town – and that means sign lights as well. 

Backlit or side-lit signs are cost-effective ways to communicate your message year-round, but especially in the dark of winter. Ultra-thin backlit LED signs have been the rage in outdoor signage for the last year. According to, the reasons for their success include reliability, brightness and temperature. The technology is reliable over time. 

LEDs are durable, and if kept in an appropriate enclosure, can have a lifespan of up to 10 years. LED backlit panels display at a brightness of 1,500-2,000 nits, which helps them to perform well in direct sunlight or ambient light. At night, the high brightness makes the image pop. Finally, LED technology handles extreme temperature fluctuations better than other technologies, despite some challenges.

So when it gets dark in Harford County, look around at the lighted signs at businesses, churches, health clubs and banks. Then make your sign stand out in the dark.

Signs of No Returns

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It’s the holiday inevitable: returns. You’ve undoubtedly already established your return policy if you’re a retailer. But how do you insure that a customer returns? (comes back, that is!)

Considering that many customers may be new to your store simply because they are returning a gift, you’ll want to give them your best service. Clear, readable signage can help. Describing your return policy in a sign right next to the register makes it handy for reference. Directional signage from the front entry to the return lines keeps traffic flowing smoothly and gives the customer a hassle-free experience. Temporary signs for employees to separate returned merchandise by aisle or section right at the return counter can make inventory accounting easier. Attention-getting point-of-purchase signs for exchanges or sale merchandise will help you get some additional sales, despite the returns. And, encourage cheerful employees – their smiles are the best signs that you want a customer’s return business!

Prepare for the store return rush today: contact Blue Water Signs about purchasing any of these types of signs for your business.

Wall Spiders

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Have you heard about wall spiders? It’s not an infestation of multi-legged creatures. It’s a removable wall graphic made with a new material called Photo Tex. We’ve been working with this custom graphics material for years, and we’re seeing exciting results.

Photo Tex feels like a fabric, and it removes easily from any surface without leaving a residue. It doesn’t rip or wrinkle during application, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. We think it will be ideal for sponsorship signage in sporting arenas or at trade shows because it can be used repeatedly and repositioned easily, without weakening the adhesive. The material is so flexible it can even wrap around wall corners or poles. This characteristic makes it great for vehicle signage, as well. 

Cost-effective and versatile, Photo Tex can be used with pigment/water base/UV ink as well as solvent-based/latex UV inks. The possibilities are endless for your Harford and Cecil County signage needs.

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing wall spiders for your home or business.

Vehicle Signs Get Attention

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A business owner in Waco, Georgia, recently experienced the impact of vehicle signage. His signs on company trucks got people’s attention – as they were designed to do – with the message: “New Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone.” The reaction was a firestorm of calls and responses on the company’s website, according to local news reports. The owner reportedly said he can’t afford to hire anyone because of the economy. But he didn’t forget a key rule of smart marketing – don’t cut your marketing activities in a down economy. He used cost-effective vehicle signage to deliver his message.

Vehicle signage works because it’s a traveling billboard. You’re not paying for a single location, but many locations. You can move the vehicle to high traffic areas so that there is rarely down time for your message. It can be targeted to Harford County, yet broad-based to those potential customers outside your target, in and around Baltimore. Vehicle signage should be bright and bold, with a brief message that gives readers a call to action. Similar to billboard advertising, your space is limited and your reading time is brief for passersby. Vehicle graphics, car wraps and fleet lettering are among the tools available for vehicle signage. Visit our vehicle graphics page to learn more about making the most of this signage strategy in a difficult economy.

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