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What Makes a Great Snowball Stand Menu

Monday, March 28, 2011

snowball stand sign menuWhen you and your kids walk up to a snowball stand, the first thing you look for is the menu. Now, most kids already know what flavor they like and it is often the flavor they choose each time they go to their favorite stand. What happens when they go to a new stand? They search the menu for their favorite flavor. How do you help them find their favorite flavor? Why not have each flavor listed in a color that closely matches the color of the syrup? This not only helps the young customer, but it also helps keep your lines moving during those busy times that all snowball stands have.

Another thing to consider is the how well the menu will hold up to the elements. We have all seen the white boards with labels that are hand written with a sharpie or some other marker. The sun and condensation helps to reduce the legibility of the labels. When signs are printed, the substrate that the print is applied to is weather proof and UV stable. The print itself is protected with a laminate that can be wiped down to remove dirt and dust.

The bottom line is to make your snowball stand menu colorful, easy to read and understand, and made with materials that will make the menu stay that way through many seasons.


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