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In-Store POP Signage Means In-Store Decisions

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

According to the Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) 2012 Shopper Engagement Study released recently, grocery shoppers are making more decisions in-store than ever before.  The in-store decision rate has reached an all-time high of 76 percent.  Why?  Look around your grocery store next time you’re there.  Bold signage, fancy labeling and enticing displays are everywhere.  The signage ranges from shelf talkers to digital displays, but it has one objective: communicate effectively to a captive audience.

Nearly one in six purchases of a particular brand is made when a display of that brand is in the store.  The study concluded that retailers are not taking full advantage of opportunities to increase sales through in-store marketing.  The study says “Compelling creative…can turn the subconscious shopper into a conscious shopper.”  Read:  great signage is a must.  It can change people’s minds or it can simply get their attention and the product will do the rest.  With bold, to-the-point messaging, you can reach your target shopper, and increase sales.  In the study, about 56 percent of shoppers said they did recall seeing in-store displays.  Most often remembered were end cap and free-standing displays with descriptive signage.  Finally, 66 percent of all “observed grabs” resulted in a purchase – if they picked it up, they bought it.  

Now, there’s a good reason to get the shopper’s attention and give him or her an opportunity to touch and feel the product.  Give your signs a chance to shine.  Tell your custom sign design team and they can give you the sign ideas you need, and help to build your business quickly.

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Promotional Products

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How can you tell what’s hot in your world of promotional materials?  We’ve talked about targeting your audience and choosing your promotional items to reflect your image, both in quality and market.  But what are recipients really looking for, and how do you make that work for your business? 

A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute called “Defining the Disconnect,” showed that there are discrepancies between consumer attitudes toward promotional items and what marketers are actually giving away.  For example, according to the study, brand names don’t matter as much as marketers think in promotional items.  Just over 32 percent of consumers said the brand name on a promotional item was important.  Meanwhile, over 70 percent of marketers thought it was important.  The study found that prestige brands command a higher quality promotional item.  That is, if consumers get an item from BMW, they expect higher quality.  This does link back to our recommendation that a high-quality item can enhance your brand image.  Finally, promotional products are great incentives.  The study showed that 82 percent of consumers will take surveys to get an item, 70 percent would stop by a trade show booth, and 40 percent would respond to a company on a social networking site in order to get an incentive item. 

So what’s the hot promotional item in your industry?  Here are a few we thought were unique and thought-provoking.  The banking and financial industry can count on flip calculators or coin purse key chains.  The construction industry builds business using a forklift stress buster, a level key chain or a metal tape measure.   That tape measure also sells it for realtors, as do house-shaped credit card mints.  Dentists are smiling with full-color floss, personalized toothbrush and toothpaste, or a full-color bag.  Schools and universities learn to promote themselves with backpacks, hand sanitizer and bus-shaped stress toys.  Contact your custom sign developer today to check what they think is hot in the market now.


LED Lobby Displays Are Bold, Bright and Burden-free

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

One of the hottest trends in indoor lobby signage is LED displays, or light emitting diode displays.  These signs are great both from a technology standpoint and an aesthetic standpoint.  The technology itself allows the brightest, sharpest possible picture quality, because the display is made up of hundreds of individual lights.  The result is a bright, welcoming sign in any location, but especially in lobbies.  When customers or visitors enter the building, they will notice a custom-made LED sign.  No matter what the content -- great advertisements, beautiful pictures or clear information – the image quality is unsurpassed.  As an information kiosk, an LED sign can run an information loop or it can allow an intuitive touch-screen for people to find their own information.  This approach takes the burden off of staff members, and may even eliminate the need for personnel in the lobby.  In addition, if the lobby is a waiting area, an effective LED sign can keep visitors occupied with either status updates or entertaining slide shows and video.  

LED signs are also energy efficient.  According to a report on high definition displays in PC Magazine, LED displays measuring less than 55 inches consume 80 watts or less power, compared to plasma displays that use almost three times as much energy as an LED display.  The energy savings comes from the thin display cabinet and the LED technology itself.  Even though the initial investment in an LED display may be high, it will pay for itself in a relatively short period of time, with increased traffic generation, high-tech brand imaging and energy efficiency.

Build Your Company’s Character From Wood

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Custom-carved signs are a solid representation of a company’s image.  If you are a small or medium-sized business that is looking for a classic, updated look to your custom business signs, consider wood.  It is durable and natural-looking, and it gives the perception of strength.  However, if you choose wood, be sure your plans include maintenance.  More common woods like redwood or cedar can be used for signage, but for outdoor signs, this wood tends to get weathered quickly, and show peeling paint.  

One of the more recent advances in wood signage that overcomes some of these challenges is high density urethane, or HDU.  This material is more stable and weather-resistant than natural wood, is lighter weight for easier moving, and it doesn’t peel or blister.  Made from a combination of closed-cell foam and recycled material, HDU resists moisture, rot and insects.  HDU can be sculpted or painted, and can handle copper or gold leaf gilding.  It can be hand-carved to showcase three-dimensional lettering, logos or designs by your custom sign maker.  

HDU can also be used for two-sided hand-carved signs.  Each side is fastened to a center board of marine grade plywood, giving the final product a thickness of 2 ¾ inches or thicker – stable and strong against wind, rain, or physical contact.  Custom designed wood signs last much longer than vinyl or digitally printed signs, and they can be personalized to your needs.  We think they’re well worth the investment, and we’ve been successful with creating many different looks.  Click this link to see some of them and get ideas for your own wood sign.  

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