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Making Signs Work for the Holidays

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

If you’re in the retail business, these weeks leading to the holidays are crucial for sales and profitability.   You can and should use signage to drive sales, but have a plan in mind.  Some tips:

  • Communicate your holiday specials or sales using bold, colorful signage that stands out from your normal signs.  Use outdoor banners, easel-type signs or point-of-purchase signs that all have a uniform look.  Your Maryland sign company can give you some ideas on holiday-themed signs.
  • Communicate sales both outside the store and inside.  Whether it’s a banner, a lighted sign or a flag, use something to get customers to take notice and enter the store.
  • If your holiday specials will be changing throughout the season, select a signage material that can also be easily changed – both from a logistics standpoint and a cost standpoint.  Consider adhesive signs or posters, or even starbursts that attach to existing signage.  This is where digital signage can really show a return on investment.  It is flexible and eye-catching, and customers readily look to it for updates, because they recognize that the technology allows for real time changes.
  • If you have small items that can be last-minute buying decisions while customers are waiting in line, label them clearly with a holiday sale sign that includes price and a call-to-action, like “Try this for a last-minute gift!”
  • If you’re supporting a local charity this season, have special signage.  Eligible merchandise should be tagged with the information, signs should call attention to it, and employees should be versed in answering questions.  In fact, they should wear buttons promoting the sale or charity that maintain the same graphic design as the floor signage.  

The more you communicate with signs, the smoother your holidays will be.

On The Outside Looking In

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You can attract customers passing by your Harford County storefront windows by using a signage technique that has been used for years on vehicles -- one-way vision window graphics.  These custom-made signs advertise your message by adhering to the window, allowing the customer to see the information while “window shopping,” but not allowing them to see into the store.  One-way vision window graphics overcome the pitfalls of a giant poster board or vinyl banner in the window, addressing challenges like darkness in the store and the inability to see out the window.  

How does it work?  Most one-way vision window graphics are made from a type of perforated vinyl – it has small holes throughout the material.  The graphic can be seen clearly on one side – the outside of the window where potential customers roam.  From inside the store, you can look out the window and see clearly what’s happening outside.  In addition, the material is light-filtering, so that daylight comes in the window.  The vinyl also uses a special adhesive that makes it easy to place and moved around, if necessary.  It’s easy to remove and cost-effective, so the graphics or message can change frequently, keeping customers coming back to see what’s new.  

One-way vision window graphics can also be designed for use on trucks, cars or vans.  This is a great way to create a moving billboard for your advertisement and maintain a safe driving environment.  With the perforated window graphics, people can see your message anywhere the vehicle goes, and you can see outside with no barriers or blind spots.  Ask your Maryland sign company for some examples of one-way vision window graphics.

BWS Offers Project Management for Updating Building Exteriors

Monday, November 19, 2012

It is always great to see a well made and installed sign when the job is finished.  But there is more to that great sign than just the manufacturing of a great sign.  It's more about the project of going from the old to the new sign and even the old look to a completely updated look.

Project Management plays a large part in the successful completion of putting in a new sign. At Blue Water Signs we bring many years of corporate project management experience to your sign project. We are experienced in bringing diverse subcontractors together to successfully complete your job.

The pictures below show the before and after of one of our latest projects, for a local Precision Tune location. We not only worked with our internal graphics team and the sign manufacturer but also our installer. We vetted a number of painting contractors and worked to to meet the corporate standards that are set for this type of installation. This was all done at the same time as keeping the customer fully updated on the progress. Weather and material arrivals have to be planned for and the team at Blue Water worked with all of these constraints to complete the project in a timely manner - and to the satisfaction of the owner/customer.

One of the special requests of the customer was to provide energy efficient security lighting when the job was complete. We searched and found high efficiency LED lighting that was placed on the corner to provide superior visibility at night. To quote the owner, "The LED's light up the lot like daylight."

Project Management is the key to a successful sign installation and at Blue Water Signs we work hard to assure your project is a success.


After Day:

After Night:

Large Format Digital Printing – What’s the Big Deal?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Large format digital printing is becoming more popular not only for large banners or signage, but for other interesting uses.  We’re beginning to see proofs done on a large format printer – they are easier to see and envision the final product.  Anything from retail signage and trade show banners to vehicle wraps can be done on a large format printer.  The digital imaging offers outstanding detail on both graphics and lettering.  Using a four-color process the printer gives the finished product clear, crisp colors that are created from four key colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black.  The ink system is critical in large format printing.  (Note: Ask your Harford County sign expert what kind of substrate in the class of sign you need will perform best with regard to exposure to the elements and the sun while using today’s high performance inks.  Frequently it is better not to change inks, but to change the ink profile to work best with your particular sign material.)

The big deal about large format digital printing is that it is now reaching many more industries and customers than ever before.  It’s a great process for the technical, production and prepress markets.  Technical documents like architectural drawings and construction documents are ideal on a large format printer.  Signage like school banners and sports banners are obviously a big market for this technology, as are prepress, photography and fine art printing.  Most of the printers today are high-quality.  What really matters is the additional services offered by the signage manufacturer you choose.  From the initial quote and recommendation right through to the delivery of the final product, service counts.  The company that can provide the graphic design services, an installer and an expert in materials will make your job their biggest deal. 

Seven Weeks and Counting…

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The countdown is on…or at least it should be if you’re considering promotional items for holiday gifts.  Yes it’s true.  The Big Day is only seven weeks away.  Timing is everything this year, so get organized and determine your time frame – it’s a lot less than seven weeks.  Let us explain.

Promotional gifts for clients or branded holiday items for prospective customers are great ideas.  You’ll want your customers to receive their gifts before Christmas.  It’s on a Tuesday this year.  That means a high probability that many people will leave their work places on Friday, December 21, and not return until after the New Year.   They will likely leave early, at that.  The legendary holiday rush for shipping will be well under way by December 14.  If you’re mailing bulk, seven days is not nearly enough time to get there by December 21.  You can see where this is going.

Sounds like you need to do some serious gift selecting this week if you hope to have gifts in hands by December 14.  While anything can be done for a price, who can afford to pay rush charges on printing and delivery from Maryland sign companies?   

Start by confirming your quantity and budget.  Select from items within that price range – whether they are wearables with your company logo, branded pens or etched paper weights.  If you need some help deciding what might work best, visit our online promotional products catalog, or call us to discuss some options.  Meet with your professional sign company and enlist their help in designing the right product for your holiday message.  Get a time line for proof approval and product delivery.  At the same time, make sure your labels and/or cards are being done so everything is ready to go out the door when the product arrives.  

Now, relax and let your professional Harford County sign company do the rest! 

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