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Hire a Pro To Install That Signage

Friday, November 22, 2013

freestanding signDon’t be a DIY. Don’t be a do-it-yourselfer, especially with your signage. It’s important to have a professional sign manufacturer install your sign for several reasons. First, he or she can “sneak a peek” at the type of signage you’re planning and provide feedback both on sign maintenance and installation. Second, even with freestanding signs, it’s best to have them professionally installed. These professionals install several signs a day, and hundreds in a week. They know how to position them so they will be as safe as possible against stormy weather. They also take into consideration the drive-by factor, the property size and shape, the easements and the town rules on signage size and installation. If at any time they have a concern, they should voice it to you so that you can provide direction on the next steps to take.

Be sure your signage professional has experience in the installation method you select. Signs can be mounted to the side of a building, fence, wall or door by drilling holes and hanging the sign. They can also be mounted to a pole or to a mounting stand. Larger signs that are specially designed for your business may have many other requirements. For example, a monument sign requires ground to be prepared ahead of time to be sure that the monument sign can withstand the contraction and expansion of the ground during freezing and thawing in the winter. Vinyl banners also need careful attention when being installed inside and outside. Inside, they need a sturdy anchor like a railing or a wall. Outside, the installer needs to check the wind factor and design a sign that will be supported against the wind and other elements. Supports can be rope, web mesh, pole pockets or grommets. Your professional sign manufacturer can be a wealth of information and service, if you let him know your objectives and your needs. He’ll help make your job easier.

Light Up Your Message

Monday, November 11, 2013

digital signIf you want to call attention to your signage message, consider an LED sign. This technology is sweeping the industry for outdoor, indoor and mobile signage. Outdoors, an LED sign can light your message in both daylight and night time hours. Indoors, the sign can be placed in virtually any light environment – from dark to natural light, and the colors will “pop” on the screen. For mobile signage, not only is LED technology an eye-catcher, it is also light weight for easy transport. Overall, LED is a good choice because of its energy efficiency, life span, maintenance and most recently, affordability.

LED signs emit cold heat as opposed to traditional lights that emit warm heat. The coolness enables less energy consumption and a longer life. In fact, LEDs can be used continually for up to 100,000 hours. LED signs help to reduce energy consumption and a company’s carbon footprint. In addition, LEDs create a brighter light, resulting in better readability of signage and brighter, sharper colors. They require little to no maintenance and are weather-resistant when installed properly by a signage professional. The LED sign is more durable than glass neon tubing, and its design makes it slimmer, enabling signs to fit in smaller spaces. LED signs also perform well in cold weather.

One of the biggest benefits of LED signage is the flexibility of messaging. Among the most popular LED sign combinations is a dual sign that has a permanent logo or company name, then an adjoining screen that is changeable with programmed messages. Your sign professional will train you on programming the messages and personalizing your signage.

Generally, your signage professional will work with an LED sign manufacturer and recommend the size and type of LED sign you need. Simply make sure you are comfortable with the navigation, the information and the process by which you change the messaging. There’s nothing like seeing an unedited message lit up for all to see!

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