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Signage EVALUation

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Economic Value of On-Premise SignageYour signage value can be calculated in hard numbers as well as intrinsic value. The Signage Foundation recently presented an updated study from the University of Cincinnati titled, “The Economic Value of On-Premise Signage.” The study included a national survey of business owners and case studies from a variety of industries that showed signage is associated with revenues and profits.

Signage value can be calculated by using equivalent outdoor advertising figures for the amount of traffic that passes by the signage in a given time period. It’s calculated on cost per impression, and is the basis for billboard or today’s electronic sign advertising rates. But, the key to success is increased revenues resulting from signage. The University of Cincinnati study showed that on-premise signage plays an important role in the overall branding and marketing strategy for a business. The visibility and conspicuousness of the signage are key factors. Highly visible signs make it easier for customers to obtain the information they need to make a purchase. Nearly 60 percent of businesses surveyed reported an average 10 percent increase in sales transactions when they changed their signage and took into consideration viewing distances, location, size and other factors.

Your professional sign manufacturer can advise you on the best sign location, size and materials. If you have clearly outlined objectives for your business signage, your signage consultant can help you meet them. The study results confirmed what signage professionals try to communicate to customers every day: signs should be based on an assessment of many factors such as the location, road curvature, traffic lanes, speed limits, landscaping and sightline obstructions, to name a few. Your business industry will also play a role in the type of sign you select. In the case studies, a national lodging chain experienced increased occupancy rates with the use of digital signage to display pricing. A national retail banking business found pylon signs outperformed monument and wall signs in terms of visibility and increased teller transactions. Specialty store small business signage needed to communicate the value promise and be sensitive to community and customer expectations.

Whatever your industry, evaluate your signage needs and incorporate signage into your profitability plan.

The Art of Signage

Friday, December 06, 2013

If you’ve driven down Main Street in Bel Air, MD, or along Rt. 22 through the center of town, you may have seen the artist working on the mural on the side of the new Oyster Bar building. The picture has come together in stages – from sketch to paint to the finished product. The signage itself is artwork, and a great message from what promises to be a hip, new watering hole. It’s also a great message to Harford Countians that the artist is so involved with the signage.

2013 Bel Air Maryland BBQ Bash logoIn really examining signage around us, we can see more examples of artwork as signage – or vice versa – signage as artwork. The colorful Bel Air BBQ Bash logo and signage is easily identifiable and allows people to link it to a great local event. Two Sisters retail store in Bel Air has a full side of the building sporting a stylish mural that is eye-catching and memorable. It doesn’t even have the store’s name in it, but it’s recognizable because of the placement of the mural on the building and the relationship of the mural to the type of store.

Your signs can be artistry in motion. Every graphic designer secretly wishes for that big hit signage that is evergreen in the public eye. Whether it’s the Coca Cola logo that’s recognizable with simply the swirl of the “L” or a mural with a message, any signage that creates a memory is worth its price tenfold. If it calls attention to itself, it’s doing its job. Signage isn’t – or shouldn’t’ be – quiet. It needs to be loud and eye-catching to break through the clutter. Ask your signage professional to help you make your sign something special. Signage isn’t just words lit up at night outside your window. Signage is an art.

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