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Carve it Custom

Friday, October 24, 2014

Clear Meadow Farm custom carved signCustom carved wood signs are quickly becoming simply, “custom carved signs.” New materials are replacing wood to make signs last longer and produce a lighter weight product. Custom carved signs still carry a lot of weight for the business that wants to make a statement. Whether made of HDU or PVC -- two of the newer materials for these types of signs -- it’s still a great way to advertise your business, help customers find you, or give people a reason to say, “I didn’t know they did business here!” It’s a permanent sign placed strategically to increase business.

Looking for that strong, traditional image? Hoping to portray your company name in a big way? Put the right foot forward with a custom carved sign. You’re making the right choice if you’re looking for durability, dependability and beauty in a traditional presentation. Custom carved signs made out of the new materials allow signs to serve even greater purposes than previously all-wood signs. They can be closer to the road, take more of a weather beating and sustain heavy impacts. Signs designed with PVC material can also be designed without external (read: visible) fasteners, providing a sleek, clean look.

Keeping your custom carved sign clean is also essential to its life span. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer carefully, remembering to clean your sign at least once every two months. Especially with the new PVC materials, if you don’t keep up with cleaning maintenance, it will look dirty and grimy all too soon. Custom carved signs can customize your look and give your business the recognition it deserves.

Mobilize Your Signage

Friday, October 10, 2014

HGH Mechanical vehicle wrapIf you’re not advertising your business to the mobile audience, you’re missing the boat – or bus, car or truck, as it were. We’re talking about vehicle wraps that take your business name and image anywhere and everywhere. A vehicle wrap on a car or truck will reach consumers of all ages, income and backgrounds. It will reach people outside their homes – in parking lots, traffic-snarled streets and open highways. A single vehicle wrap garners between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association, 96 percent of Americans traveled in a vehicle as either a driver or a passenger in the last week. The average American travels 302 miles in a week. In addition, desirable consumers with disposable income – those who have household incomes of $75,000 or more -- are the most frequent commuters. Reaching these spenders while they’re a captive audience in their cars is a smart strategy. Your logo and key message wrapped on a car or truck can be attention-getting and eye-opening. In fact, advertising on a fleet vehicle boosts name recognition 15 times more than other advertising media.

Vehicle wraps can be extremely cost-effective, and they are long-lasting. Consult your professional sign manufacturer for the latest in vehicle wrap materials that will give you vivid color and outstanding quality. Once you calculate the cost per impression, you’ll be hooked – this method of advertising is by far the most cost-effective there is. As long as you use it for awareness purposes and aren’t driven to put too much information on your wrap, you’ll be successful. Keep it meaningful and usable for any time frame and any audience. Your company logo, tag line, web address and possibly a phone number are all you need. You’ll turn heads and get inside heads for purchasing decisions.

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