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Wraps Are the Rage

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Great Cookie vehicle wrapVehicle wraps continue to be the rage for both car aficionados and businesses wanting to do mobile advertising – literally. From Pinterest to Facebook, people are sharing images of wraps and “liking” them by the hundreds. Leopard print, zebra-stripe, hot pink and logo’d doors --- the creativity is endless. Ford Motor Company is marketing a commercial graphics tool that allows viewers to choose a Ford commercial vehicle and see how it will look in a wrap. Users can design the wrap, place it on the vehicle, see it from five viewing angles, zoom in and out and share the image on social media.

Once you decide to join the fun, talk to a professional about designing and applying the wrap. Application can be done by any number of professionals, but the key is just that – find a professional. A signage professional trained in applying car wraps can help in several ways. First, design: a signage professional knows can easily translate his expertise in design and messaging on signs to a vehicle wrap. The exciting part is that message can now go almost 3D. The signage professional has the graphic knowledge to make the colors “pop” and the design unforgettable. He will be familiar with the most durable materials to use both for the vehicle itself and for the local weather conditions. Finally, he knows the painstaking process of application so that the material is seamless around the car or truck.

Wraps can last for several years, and from their popularity, it looks like they’ll still be the rage in a few years.

Time to Camouflage Your Truck?

Friday, February 14, 2014

camo truck wrap rearWith today's wrap materials, if you want your truck or SUV to really stand out, consider the new camouflage wrap materials. Vehicle wraps are becoming more popular all the time, and now there are a number of Camo patterns that are available for either full wraps or accent kits, like rocker panels or wheel flares. Wraps are manufactured out of premium 3M Cast Vinyls and 3M Matte Cast Overlaminates. Two of the biggest names in camo are Mossey Oak and Real Tree.

Patterns available in the Real Tree patterns are:
  • Max4,
  • RealXT,
  • RealATG,
  • Max-1,
  • REALSNOW, and
Patterns available in the Mossey OAk line are:
  • Infinity,
  • Break,
  • ShadowGrass,
  • Obsession,
  • Treestand,
  • Duck Blind,
  • Bottomland,
  • Brush,
  • Break Up Pink, and
  • Winter.

No matter if your passion is bow hunting deer, upland game hunting or waterfowl, there is a camo pattern that will make your truck show your real passion.


Digital Signage Heats Up Your Message

Monday, February 03, 2014

First Security digital sign2014 promises to be yet another growth year for digital signage. The hardware, software and content companies are banking on it. More and more industries are taking the plunge into this market, both because the prices are getting more reasonable and the ROI is more measurable. We’re seeing digital signage around the Harford County area in banks, restaurants, health clubs, schools and churches. If you’ve got a changing message, or simply want to make a statement, you may want to explore digital signage. The key elements are hardware, software and content. If you don’t have a plan for the content – i.e. how you’re going to communicate through digital signage – then don’t bother investing in the hardware and software.

According to the trade publication, Digital Signage Today, analytics were an important part of evaluating content in 2013, and this process will become even more so in 2014. Advertisers will be able to evaluate who the viewer is, how long they look at a screen and the impact of the content. The publication also predicts we’ll get a better understanding of the significance of a “call to action” in the messaging and how digital signage can be used as a tool for behavior modification. They also see social media becoming more of a factor in content. There’s lots to think about, vs. a simple changing daily menu at the diner.

As far as hardware and software are concerned, the hardware prices are stabilizing, and many displays are now accompanied by built-in media players. Keeping the system simple, at least at first, gives you the freedom to experiment with messaging and upgrade as necessary to a more complicated and feature-rich system. Your signage professional can recommend the best screen size for your site -- whether it’s an LCD, LED or video wall display. The media player package will be tailored to your needs, as well, and it should be something that will be easy for you or your staff to use.

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