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Score One for the Scoreboard

Friday, June 20, 2014

digital scoreboardWhile traveling around to youth baseball, soccer or lacrosse games this summer, note the scoreboards you see. Are they simply tallying the scores or are they relaying messages in various formats? Scoreboards at Little League fields, soccer and lacrosse fields and even at swimming pools pose a great opportunity for the innovative marketer. If you like to promote your business to a captive audience using signage, what better way to get noticed than to be right where people look for information? Get yourself noticed on the scoreboard!

First, let’s talk about existing scoreboards. If the teams or recreation councils that already have them are also savvy marketers, they will have a system in place for potential advertisers or sponsors. These opportunities can be on a static scoreboard or on an electronic scoreboard. Approach the team or the rec council with your ideas for placing your logo or message strategically on the scoreboard. Sometimes the scoreboards are designed with static panels that can display company logos or tag lines. On an electronic scoreboard, the video portion of the board can also serve as an advertising vehicle. If it means revenue for the organization, it’s very likely your proposal will be accepted.

Now, what about becoming a scoreboard sponsor? That is, donating or partnering with the team or field to provide a scoreboard, on which your company logo will reside forever. You would have the ability to provide moving messages if you are donating a digital scoreboard. If it’s static, then negotiate the right to change out the sponsorship signage on or near the board on a regular basis. Talk to your signage professional about all angles – from vinyl sponsorship signs to digital scoreboard hardware and software.

Take advantage of the captive audience to communicate a clear message that will score big for your business.

Bigger Quality Is Better for Digital Signage

Friday, June 06, 2014

Kentucky DerbyThe Kentucky Derby was shown on “the world’s largest 4K ultra-high-definition LED video board,” according to Digital Signage Today. The signage is an approximately 170-foot tall video screen with an active display area of 15,224 square feet. It cost Churchill Downs $12 million. It rivals the Big Hoss digital video board that resides at the Texas Motor Speedway, and the display in “Jerry World” at the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium in Texas.

You probably don’t need something so dramatic or, if we may say, big, for your business signage in Maryland. But, digital signage offers so many advantages for even the smallest display area. The ability to update the signage on demand with real-time messages is a luxury you can’t get from a vinyl banner or monument sign. The quality of the message graphics and video is also an important consideration, especially as you look to bigger signage. In video, a larger picture can often lose image quality as it grows. What looks sharp, clear and bright on the software computer monitor may reproduce grainy, blurry and washed-out on a bigger screen. That’s why the ultra-high-definition LED board is so costly – it’s simply so effective. Those Kentucky Derby horses probably looked like they could run right off the screen. That’s the experience you’re striving for with any size digital signage – you want to make the viewer say, “Wow.”

Your signage professional can recommend the best size display for your needs, as well as the best picture quality. Always invest in the highest quality possible, even if you have to forego a larger size. Bigger isn’t always better – big, bright picture quality will far outweigh a huge video wall with a dull image.

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