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Digital and Outdoor Signage Market Soaring

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Digital Place-Based Advertising (also called Digital Out-Of-Home advertising, these are the digital TV displays and billboards you see at strategically targeted locations to reach a particular audience) and outdoor signage are fast-growing sectors of the signage market, according to the recent release of figures from the DPAA – Digital Place-Based Advertising Association. The digital place-based sector ranked second only to syndicated television advertising revenue for the first half of 2011. Advertising revenue for the digital place-based sector grew by more than 16 percent over the first half of last year. That’s more than five times the growth rate of the U.S. ad industry overall, which grew just over three percent.

Outdoor advertising signage revenue grew 11.8 percent for the same period.

These advertising sectors are growing because they are able to target consumers on-the-go. Venues such as airports, stadiums, restaurants, movie theaters, and grocery stores are reaping the benefits of digital and outdoor signage because these are the places people live their everyday lives. If your business is related to any of these venues, either in concept or proximity, taking advantage of digital or outdoor signage is a strategic move. Not only can you target your message, you can reach the consumer close to the point-of-purchase. It increases the chances that you’ll capture that consumer.

Blue Water Signs can help develop the ads to appear on these digital networks. If you even come close to the growth success of this industry, your business will be thriving!


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