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Digital Makes a Difference

Friday, November 07, 2014

The use of digital signage at retail or in restaurants is becoming more mainstream. Why? Digital signage not only provides clear, great-looking images that capture people’s attention, it’s also flexible and changeable based on the current business climate. The beauty of digital signage is that it can be customized and message-driven. It takes just a little creativity to see how it can work for various retailers.

For example, a small appliance store may have discontinued models they need to move. Every season, the model line-up changes and the old product needs to be moved out. A digital sign can make a big difference. Whether it’s in the shop window or an outdoor sign, the appliance store owner can create a series of targeted messages that will run on the digital signage. Those messages can be about price, but also about the appliance itself and any promotions. The message can change daily or weekly, depending on how ambitious the shop owner chooses to be.

In restaurants, as well as in retail, weekly specials can be communicated using digital signage. With this technology, not only is it easy to change the sign’s message, it is also expected. People keep an eye on that sign because they know it will communicate up-to-the-minute information. This is a big responsibility for digital signage owners, but used properly, digital signage is a powerful marketing tool. It can also help meet requirements for information dissemination. For example, restaurants are using digital signage to list the nutrition values of foods, in addition to updating meal menus for various day parts. The flexibility and potential of digital signage is a strong reason to “jump on the bandwagon.” Customers appreciate the information, and they will be demanding it from retailers and restaurants as the trend grows.

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