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Digital Menu Boards Abound

Friday, August 15, 2014

Whether its quick service restaurants, ice cream parlors or convenience stores, digital menu boards have proliferated the menu scene. No longer is a line-by-line, hand-lettered menu the reality in a restaurant. The digital menu board allows for illustrations, advertisements and price specials in living color. The food is shown in appetizing settings, and the selection is showcased. Digital Signage Today reports that Carvel Ice Cream stores added digital menu boards as standard equipment in all new and remodeled locations. Officials say the motion of the boards draws attention to the items the store is promoting.

Digital menu boards are at work both inside restaurants and outside at the drive through locations throughout Harford County. Local restaurants like Chick Filet, McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s use them inside and out. Sonic has several menu boards at each parking space. Frozen yogurt shops and Dairy Queen restaurants also list their treats on this flat screen electronic signage.

The beauty of digital signage in these environments is its flexibility. It’s flexible for the content, pricing and promotions, as well as for the décor of the restaurant. Screens can be mounted horizontally or vertically, hung on the wall or mounted on a stand. They can even be positioned so they look like they are floating on air. Flexible signage is a marketers dream, and digital signage provides it. The crisp, clear video picture, sound if needed, and the ability to change the message with the touch of a button combine to make today’s high-tech signage one for which restaurateurs should be clamoring.

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