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Monday, June 17, 2013

a bank's digital signDrive around Harford County and observe the number of banks that are utilizing digital signage.   Many of them are – and they were among the early adopters of the medium.  But a recent survey by the Ryan Report, which surveyed retailing and marketing executives at banks worldwide about their satisfaction with digital signage, shows that over half of the respondents said they were only  “moderately satisfied” with the signage.  Most of the dissatisfaction centered around content and content management.

Digital signage is a significant investment.  It can be underutilized or it can be used to the point where it pays for itself in less than two years.  As with any signage investment, a plan needs to be in place.  What is your goal for the signage?  What do you want to communicate?  Do you have enough material to communicate to warrant the investment in dynamic signage?  Your professional sign installer can help you to answer some of these questions.   He or she can create a plan of action based on your objectives.  While the hardware is the primary installation for the sign company, if your professional is truly on your team, he will guide you to the right content management system and encourage you to plan messages months in advance. 

Digital signage is much like outdoor advertising or even on-line advertising, with the convenience of short lead time and client control.   In today’s world of technology and fast-moving messages, businesses need to communicate with customers by using their language and media.   With properly placed, attractive signage hardware plus strategic, refreshed content, you can bank on success in any industry.  

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