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Digital Signage Design -- From Architecture to Picture

Monday, June 10, 2013

digital signWe already know that digital signage can streamline operations through kiosks, provide a big impact with on-site advertising and create a brand with the right promotional content.  But integrating it into your building or floor plan design can be a challenge.  There are many ways to do this, and your signage professional can help to determine the most cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions. 

If your business is building or remodeling, plan for digital signage displays from the blueprint stage.  Digital displays can become part of the architecture of the building, making a statement for your business both in design and information.  Video walls are high-impact visuals, communicating a high-tech atmosphere.  Built-in cabinetry or wall units also seamlessly integrate the system and provide easy access to components and wiring. 

Most digital signage customers are not rebuilding or remodeling, however.   Despite the daunting task of retrofitting, strategically placed displays can make or break your digital signage efforts.  Today’s wireless technology allows some flexibility so that the cords are kept to a minimum, but be sure the components and connections are accessible.  Rather than place a display in an unlikely location on a pedestal or credenza, consider blending it into the design of the showroom as a work of art.  Choose thin, lightweight displays that can be hung on the wall, becoming part of the décor.   The active video content will catch the customers’ attention, and have them marveling at the design.   If your digital signage is meant to be interactive, make the kiosk accessible to customers.  The touch-panel can be cleverly integrated, yet obviously usable.  Ask your signage professional for tips that will make the interactive display less intimidating.  

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