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Digital Signage in Our Back Yard

Friday, September 26, 2014
Baltimore’s Penn Station unveiled a digital signage display last month in an effort to improve the city’s image.  This display builds on the original digital signage installation in 2012 that also hoped to make the arrival into the city more scenic for travelers.  According to reports in The Baltimore Sun, two million people travel through Penn Station every year.  The latest signage display can be seen from the train platform as trains approach the station.  It welcomes visitors with bold, black lettering that spells out “Baltimore” and a giant LED display that will highlight images of city events.
Baltimore Penn Station new digital welcome signThe flexibility of digital signage is ideal for this application, and it offers the city a chance to showcase its attractions, as well as provides opportunities for local businesses to communicate to the Baltimore visitors.  We noted that, interestingly enough, this local Baltimore campaign used a company headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to supply the LED display for the digital signage.   

Indeed, digital signage installation and maintenance requires a highly professional and trained team.  Using the software and keeping the images fresh demands a strategic marketer.  Ensuring bright, crisp images and a 24/7 display is an important consideration.  Look around at banks, offices, sports complexes and restaurants in Baltimore and its suburbs.  Digital signage is everywhere.  Local sign professionals know the complexity as well as the lucrative nature of digital signage, and we’d be missing a huge and growing market segment if we didn’t provide digital signage services.  If you want to make a statement with digital signage, you don’t have to go to Louisiana to get it.  Look right in your back yard.  

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