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Keep Your Eye on the Signs in 2014

Friday, January 03, 2014

digital signThe New Year shows every sign of new trends and increased business in the signage industry. According to a variety of signage experts and industry professionals, growth areas will be corporate lobbies, quick-service restaurants, retail locations and health care locations. Many Harford County businesses already have digital signage or impactful, sturdy signage, but we’ll see more in these locations. Signs will engage the digital consumer, whether on their personal, hand-held device or at a kiosk or big screen display. Digital signage will continue to push forward in all screen sizes, and mobile marketing will become more of a “must” to reach the savvy consumer. That means more than a car vehicle wrap, which does increase visibility significantly. It means marketing to consumers through their smart phones and tablets and giving them opportunities to be interactive and provide feedback.

Digital Signage Today, a leading industry trade publication identified three areas of interest for next year. First was the video wall. This larger-than-life experience is a giant digital sign that is updatable, flexible and impressive for messaging. The walls can be any size, and are built from a number of displays that have the capability of creating a single image or presenting a different image on each screen or group of screens. Their flexibility leads into the next area of predicted growth: touch-enabled displays giving the customer the opportunity for interactivity at the touch of a screen. These can be configured in any size, from a hand-held device to a 4 x 4 kiosk to a large 60-inch display. Interactivity is the key.

Finally, ultra high-definition resolutions will be important in digital signage. As the price of the LCD or LED monitor declines, the quality of images will increase. This is especially notable if big screens and video walls are increasing in usage – picture quality will be much better than on previous devices. Images will be sharp and clear, and the high definition quality will make it “just like being there.”

So for 2014, look for signs of increasing participation in digital signage and mobile signage. Technology will continue to break through the clutter.

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