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Don’t Make This Top List

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When you create your sign, you typically proofread it and check for typos or misspellings.  You also probably test out your tag lines on others or read them over to be sure they make sense and do not have double meanings or the potential to be misconstrued as something else.  If you don’t do this, your professional sign manufacturer should be doing it.  That’s part of what you pay them to do.  

But there are always those funny or odd signs that are obviously not proofread or reviewed until it’s too late.  Of course, Maryland sign makers would never do such a thing, and you would never see these signs in the Baltimore area.  They are from around the world and they will make you chuckle.  Try not to get your sign on this list!

funny signs - misspellings

Other examples include:

Outside the pawn shop:  “Don’t Let Money Worries Kill You…Let the Pawn Shop Help!

In a neighborhood with children:  “Children, Please Drive With Care.”

On a sign outside an elementary school:  “Rember to Read a Book.”  

In a diner window:  “Coffee Cheaper than Gas.. Drink, don’t Drive”

On a bin of vegetables at a farm market:  “Please ask for assistants.”

On a road sign:  “Do Not Pass When Opposing Traffic is Present”

Outside a retailer:  “One Day Sale – Friday and Saturday”

In a restaurant window:  “Senior Citizens, Buy 1 Get 1 FREE”

Property sign:  “No Trespassing.  Private Property.  Authorized Personal Only”

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