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Making Signs Work for the Holidays

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

If you’re in the retail business, these weeks leading to the holidays are crucial for sales and profitability.   You can and should use signage to drive sales, but have a plan in mind.  Some tips:

  • Communicate your holiday specials or sales using bold, colorful signage that stands out from your normal signs.  Use outdoor banners, easel-type signs or point-of-purchase signs that all have a uniform look.  Your Maryland sign company can give you some ideas on holiday-themed signs.
  • Communicate sales both outside the store and inside.  Whether it’s a banner, a lighted sign or a flag, use something to get customers to take notice and enter the store.
  • If your holiday specials will be changing throughout the season, select a signage material that can also be easily changed – both from a logistics standpoint and a cost standpoint.  Consider adhesive signs or posters, or even starbursts that attach to existing signage.  This is where digital signage can really show a return on investment.  It is flexible and eye-catching, and customers readily look to it for updates, because they recognize that the technology allows for real time changes.
  • If you have small items that can be last-minute buying decisions while customers are waiting in line, label them clearly with a holiday sale sign that includes price and a call-to-action, like “Try this for a last-minute gift!”
  • If you’re supporting a local charity this season, have special signage.  Eligible merchandise should be tagged with the information, signs should call attention to it, and employees should be versed in answering questions.  In fact, they should wear buttons promoting the sale or charity that maintain the same graphic design as the floor signage.  

The more you communicate with signs, the smoother your holidays will be.

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