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Materials to Wrap By

Friday, May 23, 2014

car wrapThe vehicle wrap industry is evolving by implementing new technologies that allow quicker, more efficient wrapping of vehicles and also provide long-lasting benefits. The basic materials allow much flexibility in coverage and design, as well as life span and cost. Car wraps are most commonly printed on vinyl film and laminated for higher protection. Try researching all of the options and your head will be spinning. It’s best to review your needs with a signage or print professional and explore the recommended options. Often, sign professionals have a material preference for a reason – they have had success with it.

Vinyl film offers a solution for virtually every surface – from smooth to textured. It mimics paint all the way down to the gloss level. It also provides the flexibility of solid or variegated colors or designs. Color change wraps are becoming more popular in both the personal vehicle market and the commercial fleet market. The film is available in any color imaginable, and it can be matched to the car’s original color or matched to a company’s corporate colors. Several film manufacturers also offer chrome finishes that are designed for mirrors and accents.

Cast vinyl is recommended for durability and ease-of-use, lasting up to five years and maintaining the brightness and depth of colors when printed. Though it can be costly, cast vinyl is flexible for vehicle application, stretching to the shape of the vehicle, and it can look similar to a glossy paint when completed. A less expensive vinyl is calendared, and it is a good solution for short-term, flat wraps that are serving as signage or protection. Calendared vinyl is less expensive and more difficult to use for vehicle wraps because of its lack of stretch and conformity to vehicles.

In addition, specialty wrap materials are available for unique or high-end needs. They include carbon fiber, brushed metal, and gloss and matte finish materials that are highly flexible and durable. For any wrap, insist on brand-name materials – these are durable and flexible and usually guaranteed for satisfaction.

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