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Revamp, Refurbish, Regenerate -- Trade Show Display Spruce Up

Friday, August 29, 2014

After a year or two of touring the trade show circuit, displays often sustain the look of a bedraggled traveler. Don’t notice this for the first time at your first fall trade show. Take your trade show display out of its container and set it up for a summertime inspection. Look for fading colors on the graphics, flapping or loose materials at the seams or edges of the backdrop, outdated graphics, text or tag lines, and rips or tears in the material itself. It may be time to consider a new alternative. If the graphics have been updated or tweaked, or if the messaging has changed in any way, do yourself a marketing favor and get an updated trade show display. It’s difficult to stand in front of an old display and explain that it is not reflective of the company’s current culture or product line. It’s easier to stand in front of a booth that has a “Wow!” factor and makes people want to stop and learn more.

WSI trade show booth 2014 by Blue Water SignsMaking your booth or table stop people in their tracks can have everything to do with signage. Make your signage bold and bright. It should be easy to read – whether it’s your logo and tag line or key message points for visitors to absorb, make it short and sweet. Signs should fit the environment. If it’s a major trade show with major brand names and you’re among them, make sure signs reflect your position in the marketplace. Don’t be the number one brand in the category with a tiny, non-communicative sign. Don’t be the little guy with the little sign, either. Be proud of your name and logo – make it an appropriate size, proportionately, to your presence at the show. Make sure your display, signage and messaging speaks to your trade show audience and tells them what you want them to do -- tour the booth, visit your website, make an appointment, or buy product. Have a call-to action. After the show, follow up with any leads or sales contacts, and remind them of what you may have discussed when you first met. Make your trade show booth and signage as easy as possible to put up and take down. You rarely have enough hands to do that, so request from your sign manufacturer a display that can be put up by one person.

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