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Servicing Digital Signage

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Among the ISA Expo seminars was an introduction to the industry standard Digital Signage Certified Experts (DSCE) presented by the Digital Signage Experts Group. The seminar reviewed the seven key elements of digital signage. It argued the merits of “content as king,” the roles of hardware and software, and the objectives of digital signage.

One of the key issues that must be addressed by anyone entering the digital signage market – consumer or sign manufacturer - is service. You can have the best and biggest digital signage display in Harford County. It can be powered by impactful software that changes every hour. But you have the same challenge as the business down the street with a vinyl banner. Who will work on it when it goes down? Who provides the service?

Naturally, you would expect an expert to be available. However, some digital signage companies don’t have on-site repair people. They tell the custom sign manufacturer to send a repair person out to the sign, call a toll-free number, and a technician on the other end of the phone will walk them through the process. They don’t tell you where the technician is located or that he can’t be there immediately to fix the problem.

The best digital signage is backed up by warranties and a strong service program. Established companies like Watchfire and Daktronics offer local customer support with trained technicians. They will be the ones in the field repairing any failed LEDs or hardware issues. They won’t be on the phone with someone in another country. They will be hands-on until the challenge is overcome, putting the customer first – and that means both the sign installer and the end user.

Ask your digital signage provider who their digital signage manufacturer will be. If customer support is not a priority, think twice about investing in digital signage.

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