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Signs of Good Cheer

Friday, November 18, 2011

You can prepare your business for the holidays with plenty of inventory, great specials and seasonal decorations... but your communication is the key to success. From your outdoor sign to your employees, you can spread good cheer with a little attention to detail. Here are a few ideas:

  • Spruce up your outdoor and window signage with a good cleaning or paint touch-up to make it sparkle. If you feel you must add seasonal decoration to it, keep it simple. A sprig of pine or some plain white lights will send the message that you’re in the spirit, but won’t detract from your image.
  • Inside, make your store or office a haven from other harried environments. Think about the little nuances that would make your guests feel relaxed – whether it’s a tray of cookies and hot chocolate as they browse, or added sales help to make their visit more efficient. Communicate these amenities both with a personal greeting and clear, eye-catching signage.
  • Double-check all indoor signs to be sure the offers or instructions are clear. This will minimize confusion for both guests and employees, and speed up service.
  • Have employees check any “Bah, humbug” attitudes at the door. A smile begets a smile, and you want your visitors to leave your establishment feeling cheerful. After all, the message your employees send to customers is just as important as the messaging on your signs!

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